Responsible Wood Sourcing

Our customers are increasingly aware of, and concerned by, the origins of the products they buy and the processes that go into making them. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) are a non-profit organisation dedicated to taking care of our forests and those who rely on them. With higher standards than any other timber certification scheme the FSC ensure that 190 million hectares of forest in 80 countries worldwide are responsibly managed. The FSC certification is respected around the world and Bradnam Joinery are proud to be able to provide coffins and caskets, on request, that are fully FSC Mix certified. The FSC Mix label means that FSC controlled wood from acceptable sources is mixed with FSC-certified materials. The FSC system includes a certified chain of custody that tracks the timber through every stage in the supply chain, from the forest to you, our customer. This is your guarantee that the product you are buying meets with the highest environmental and social standards.

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